Uzodinma Condemns Killings, Burning Of Houses In Izombe, Imo State

Uzodinma Condemns Killings, Burning Of Houses In Izombe, Imo State

The Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodimma, has condemned the killings and destruction of properties in Izombe village in Oguta Local Government Area of Imo State.

Ezenwoko’s Blog reports that Nigerian Army clashed with some youths in the village, which led to the death of two soldiers and a suspected Owerri prison escapee, named Obele.

The incident, which occurred last week Friday,  also led to the burning of some houses in the community.

Speaking on Tuesday during a visit to Izombe, Governor Uzodinma stated that his administration will fish out culprits behind the violence in the community.

The governor added that he would constitute a committee to commence the process of assisting in rebuilding the houses.

Uzodinma, however, gave a seven-day warning to the youths in the area to return weapons at their disposal or face the law.

He said: “I am shedding tears. I am shedding tears because the properties of my brothers and sisters suffered to built (Sic) we’re burnt. I would not have been a Senator without the kind of support I got from Izombe.

“I take Izombe as Omuma, my home town. It is painful all our sufferings, struggle and God answered our prayer. It brought us blessings. Instead of us continuing to see blessings we are seeing obstacles. God will punish those behind all these things happening.

“Why we gave birth to these children is to grow and be useful to us and that they will listen to our advice. Let us advise them and what I want to tell you people what happened will never happen again.

“We can’t suffer for years and waste all we laboured for in the past. Just because of one foolish person. We will never allow it to happen again. I have seen how the houses were destroyed and our people abandoned their homes.

“I want to ask are we in war? Not now that I am the governor what my governorship has come to do is to bring development and not destruction.

“I will send a committee to come and look into all the damages so that we can assist in repairing the damaged houses. I give the youths of Izombe, seven days to return weapons in possession.

“I want to say this, I will disappoint my enemies and Imo state will continue to move forward.

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