I Advised Annie To Work On Her Marriage, 2face Babymama Finally Spills

I Advised Annie To Work On Her Marriage, 2face Babymama Finally Spills

Perosayemi Adeniyi has finally spilled her truth on the ongoing rift between her and Annie Idibia.

In an interview with Stella Dimoko Korkus Blog, Pero made some shocking revelation and gave her side of the story.

When asked about 2face running from Nigeria to be with her in America, she said it was not true, adding that she was with her boyfriend at that time

She said: “I heard he came to America in August but we didnt see. its not every time he comes to America that we see. His brother lives there, so its possible that he may have gone there to stay with him.

“My boyfriend was even with me the last time i heard Tuface was supposed to be with me and i was quite shocked and wondered if there are two Peros.

“When that story broke, I got so many calls that woke me up that i had to make calls to find out what was wrong and i called his manager and he told me ”Pero this is not about you”.

“If it was not about me, why is my name mentioned?”

When the mother of four was asked about her relationship with 2face and when was the last time she saw Annie, Pere said she had not seen him in four months and also said she advised 2face wife to work on her marriage.

I had not even spoken to him for about four months before i was woken up with calls to go and see I am trending online because Annie mentioned that he had run off to stay with me in America.. We dont really talk and we are not friends. It is because of this same reason that i have stayed away from him.

“The last time i saw Annie was in 2019 and i had a convo with her and advised her to try and be a good wife and work on making her Marriage work.
She knows i am not the issue in the marriage and I wonder why she would mention my name.. She knows Tuface and I are not in contact because she keeps a tab on my activities from what i hear…
The truth is that i am too busy with my life and kids to be running after Tuface.

“This dragging on the Internet and all these lies are uncalled for really”

Asked about seeing Tuface in Abuja and also on the viral video of her being called his first wife, Pero said she did not meet him, explaining that the video of her being called 2face spouse was posted without her consent.

“I left America with my boyfriend and we landed Abuja and i have been with him since then… I am always amazed to read these things but people who know the truth know it.

“Those two Ladies in the video, one of them is Tuface’s cousin and they know the truth…they wonder why i have been on my lane and i keep getting dragged into Annie’s marital drama. They are the only ones who can explain why they said what they said in the video. I am at peace with everyone. I have three kids for their brother so visiting me when i am in the Country should not be an issue or make headlines… I cannot answer why they made the video and posted it.

“I was upset at first but then i had to let go, I am a happy person and have no time to waste on anger of any kind”

Pero also explained that she had no idea why Annie was constantly calling her name in the issues she was having with 2face

She said: “Help me ask Her why she dragged me into her marital drama when she knows well that i do not have contact with her husband? she knows.
why am i her easy target to gain sympathy online? why try to make me responsible if your marriage is failing? I dare her to bring out any evidence of me and Tuface together as a couple? There is even no relationship at all.

“I have stayed out of their lives to avoid drama even to the detriment of my three kids with Tuface, so why always drag me into it? Dont you think i will be mentally sick if i am still after Tuface at this point in my life? I have everything going so well for me. I am in a relationship and I am happy and at peace…My boyfriend is even with me right now and is really surprised at all this stories that are not true….

“I heard that anybody around Tuface that calls my name becomes an automatic enemy to Annie…Is everyone supposed to hate me because she does?

“She fights his friends who are nice to me…I am like for Christsake, you are a wife, face your marriage and leave me out of it”

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