I am still trying to recover from the euphoria of all the congratulatory messages I read everywhere yesterday. And my question is “why does love excite everyone?”

I could have gotten a job with a multimillion naira per month salary, and the news would not fly. Here I didn’t have to say that I am engaged, but only the sight of a ring and some cute videos with man made the whole place go gaga.

Wedding and relationship social media handles that post loved-up videos and stories garner more views, reactions and comments than any other handle across social media platforms.

 Regardless of the race and religious orientation, love breaks through fences and fills up gaps, making the whole place united and happy, even if for a nanosecond.

The way everyone goes about forming tough and independent, you would wonder why every song chart list has love-themed music leading on the chart most of the time. Every form of music has one or few things to say about love.

Let’s not even talk about other forms of arts. Romance and love genres are the most written and read stories since the start of mankind.

Everyone loves to hear about love. Everyone would love to experience love.

It took the excitement of the crowd on my pseudo engagement, to figure that even the toughest self-acclaimed “single and wicked” activist, isn’t so immune to the concept of love and the excitement of  a possible romance.

This isn’t to say that one can’t be happily single and without the desire to get entangled up in a fire of romance, but whoever would say no to a honest and loving partnership with another human being; well except there is something psychologically wrong somewhere. When love presents itself, even the strongest and most powerful melts to the heat, I’m not sorry to say.

The biblical narration of the creation of mankind might seem faulty but the touches of romance cannot be ignored. God is the author of romance! Romance excites even the almighty God.

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