Man Who Won Over N410m In Lottery Says He Simply Wants To Buy Slippers And Toothbrush

Man Who Won Over N410m In Lottery Says He Simply Wants To Buy Slippers And Toothbrush

A man who has won N410m in a lottery has revealed that he will be buying a new pair of slippers and an electric toothbrush.

Brian Nelson a 26-year-old man who won the lottery said he simply wants to splurge on a good pair of flip-flops and an electric toothbrush.

He stated that he was not interested in purchasing expensive things, according to WSBTV.

Florida lottery officials made this known in a news release.

He said: “I’m just looking forward to upgrading to an electric toothbrush and splurging on a good pair of flip flops,” Brian told lottery officials on Tuesday, October 19, in a news release.” 

Brian, accompanied by his fiancee of one month travelled to Tallahassee to claim his prize.  Lottery officials revealed that he won the money after buying a KSh 2,000 (N7,411.78) Gold Rush Limited scratch-off ticket at a Quik Mart in Leesburg.

He won a sum of $1m(N410,910,000) which he will be receiving in a one-time, lump-sum payment.

In other news, a 26-year-old man from Kaduna state has put himself up for sale.

The man identified as Aliyu Na Idris who is a tailor by profession said his decision to put himself up for sale was because of the hardship in the country.

Idris has been on the street for five days carrying a placard that says “This man is for sale for N20 million.”

The young man said he started his journey from Kaduna but moved back to Kano when he could not find a buyer. He said people offered him N300,000, N5m, and N10m but he refused Daily Trust reports.

He said: “Even though many people have offered me various prices of N10m, N5m and N300,000 in Kano, I refused because the amount is less than what I expected.” Read more

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