Man Sentenced To Jail For Destroying His Mother’s TV

Man Sentenced To Jail For Destroying His Mother’s TV

A man has been sentenced to prison for damaging the TV set of his mother.

The man identified as Ronald Kipkemboi plead guilty to charges of causing malicious property damage and was consequently sentenced to six months in prison.

The sentence was given by Kibera resident magistrate William Tulel after the accused pleaded guilty on Wednesday, October 26.

Kipkemboi had damaged two TV sets a 55-inch Haier and a 28-inch Sony Bravia belonging to his mother Ruth Chelimo. The incident occurred in his mother’s house at Camp David in Lang’ata on Monday, October 25.

The accused was dropped by a boda boda at his mother’s home and asked her to pay for his transportation but she had insisted that she did not have cash on her and decided to pay through M-Pesa.

This made Kipkemboi infuriated and he claimed that he was not loved and accepted by his family.

He proceeded to destroy a TV set in his mothers sitting room and another one in her bedroom.

Chelimo reported the matter to the Lang’ata police and her son was arrested. The damaged properties were brought to the court as exhibits and the accused pleaded guilty. He also revealed that he should have gone for rehabilitation.

He was imprisoned for six months without any fine.

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