Nigeria is one of the most fun places to live with all the vibes, music, food, and lifestyle that scream entertainment and enjoyment. You just need to know how to survive in Nigeria.

Are you planning on relocating to Nigeria? Or you’ve been living in Nigeria all these years but somehow never knew how to survive in Nigeria? 

I mean Nigeria is happening to you already. This is probably because you’ve been over-protected by your parents and now you just lunged into adulthood and boom! Yeah, boom, your parents who made sure you never got exposed are suddenly expecting you to be an adult, fend for yourself and survive in Nigeria. 

Now I get you’d not want to go back home because your ego wouldn’t allow your adult self to be taken for granted by your little siblings or be seen as a failure by your parents.

Not to talk about the fact that Amaka and Eno seem to know how to survive in Nigeria and you’re wondering what you’ve been doing all this while.

Normally, Nigeria will stress you. But not to worry, you can survive the stress. And finding out how to survive in Nigeria should be one of the things you should be paying to learn (in this era where almost all knowledge is paid for. 

I mean you burn your data just to watch how to boil water on YouTube now!). But I’m here, offering you these tips at no cost at all, or maybe very little cost — your data.

I should be wondering what area of Nigeria is more stressful than the other but I’ve concluded that just existing in the place is stressful. But hey, don’t worry, you can make it easy for yourself, I mean a lot of people are coping and living just fine here and of course, making it big!

If this will make you feel better, I have a very close friend who doesn’t want to ever leave Nigeria to go live in another country again! He has lived in other countries but he loves Nigeria and wants to live and be established here. 

For him, he can’t have it any other way. He will always visit different parts of the world but home to him is Nigeria. And this is because he has mastered how to survive in Nigeria. 

And here’s how to survive in Nigeria.

  • Make up your Mind

You’re planning to relocate to Nigeria, a returnee or you’ve been here all your life but now your traitorous parents think you’re an adult and should start fending for yourself already. 

So if you probably don’t know how to survive in Nigeria, the first thing to do is make up your mind to succeed and enjoy Nigeria. Everything starts with the mind. 

Have a positive mindset towards adulthood and adulting in Nigeria. Speak it to yourself every day.

  • Choose your Friends Wisely

You can’t be friends with everyone. Trust me, in adulthood, especially when you look good and dress well, a lot of people would want to be friends with you. They will buy you gifts, offer to help, and be kind to you. 

If you’re a returnee, or new in a city, they will want to help you get a hang of how things are and in return, gain your friendship. Not every nice person is a great friend. Not every good person would make a good friend. 

And yes, you should choose your friends wisely. Choose your friends based on the mental picture you have of your life in Naija. Bad Friends still corrupt good manners, even to this day.

  • Network

You’re thinking of how to survive in Nigeria but all you do is sit at home, make fancy foods for yourself and watch Netflix? Okay, add going to work to the list. 

You are not intentional about knowing people that matter to your journey and survival by going to places where you’ll get to meet these people, reaching out to them, or employing means that will get these people you’d like to “know” and be known by them, to notice you and “know” you too? 

To survive in Nigeria, who you know is very important. For jobs, gigs, information, recognition, and opportunities, you need to “know someone”. 

I’ll tell people I would like to work in a certain government parastatal and they go “do you know someone? Who do you know?”. 

No one is ever going to ask if you’re qualified first. The first question is “who do you know?” and then we can get down to talking about whether you can do it; your abilities, qualifications, talents, and professionalism. 

In fact, you need to know someone to be asked if you’re even qualified and given a chance to present your value on the table.

  • Workouts and Exercises

Well, to stay sane, not like I’m trying to scare you, but you really need to have a workout and exercise routine.

 You need physical and mental exercise to rid yourself of all the toxicity of relating with humans of Naija. 

I remember my most active and productive days or months are ones I join my siblings in their workouts. Register at a gym or get the basics you’d need for basic workouts at home. 

  • Get a Job and a Side-Hustle

Your trust fund or wallet no matter how fat can never survive in Nigeria. The prices of things are increasingly neck-breaking. You’d exhaust everything within a little period if you don’t get a job. 

And no, you don’t only need one job, but jobs or side hustles. If you’re working and living in Nigeria, you need a side hustle, make sure to plan towards it. 

One job may never be enough unless you are earning millions every month, from that single job. Even then, it’s still advised you get a financial advisor and invest right and wisely.

  • Street Smartness

If you are street smart, you’re already halfway to knowing how to survive in Nigeria. To survive Naija, you need dey Street-wise, no caps. Shine ya eyes, make them no run you street o.

On the streets of Nigeria, there are loads of craziness and fun and you need to accept and blend into this to enjoy this country. 

Know when not to use fluent Queens English but Fluent Pidgin instead. Know when to use your mother tongue. Know how to haggle prices of goods, and learn to vibe with certain people.

 Do not use your gadgets in certain places and know when to scream and cuss, not plead or go gentle and oh, know when to negotiate too! 

I mean there’s so much to enjoy about Nigeria, you just need to know how to survive in Nigeria, and living here becomes a walk in the park for you. 

  • Let Your Appearance Speak about You

Always aim to make your appearance a statement!

In Nigeria, there’s a popular saying that I don’t quite agree with but has proven to really be an accepted way here, it is “The way you dress is the way you’d be addressed”. 

I’m sorry, this is Naija and to survive here, you need to be particular or intentional about your appearance or outfits and I mean from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet.

To be taken seriously or any way you’d want, dress that part. Invest in your appearance, and making it here will become very easy. 

Again, I’m sorry, here isn’t where you think that being this or that will mean being respected and valued in jeans and polo and slides. No, you need to “look that part” in Nigeria, Thanks!

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