Is it time for KAA Gent to let go of Gift Orban?

Is it time for KAA Gent to let go of Gift Orban?

Super Eagles invitee, Gift Orban, was previously on Tottenham Hotspur’s radar to replace Harry Kane who left to join Bayern Munich during the summer transfer window

KAA Gent faces pressing financial challenges, fueling rumours regarding the future of Nigerian forward, Gift Orban, a player previously linked with European giants like Barcelona, Tottenham, and LOSC Lille, reports.

According to reports from Voetbalnieuws, the Ghent-based club has encountered consecutive financial deficits over the past four years, prompting a concerted effort to fortify its economic standing.

Meanwhile, the arrival of Sam Baro has instilled hope for a financial upturn within the Buffaloes, seeking an infusion of financial strength.

Acknowledging the need for fiscal resilience, CEO Michel Louwagie emphasised the necessity for bolstering the club’s financial robustness.

The Buffalos strive to curb expenses by enforcing a salary cap, capping player earnings at a maximum of 1 million euros within the KAA Gent Arena.

In comparison, report reveal that rival clubs offer substantially higher wages for top-tier players, placing Gent at a disadvantage in retaining its talent.

To counteract financial setbacks, the club aims to secure Europa League qualification, aiming to heighten European revenues significantly.

Despite their ambitions for player sales, the prospect of Orban, a player previously valued by top European clubs, fetching a substantial fee exceeding 20 million euros currently seems improbable.

However, the club remains hopeful of potential outgoing top transfers like the Super Eagles invitee during the winter or summer transfer window in 2024.

The financial landscape and the club’s measures to stabilize its economy may influence Orban’s future, as Gent navigates its financial predicament while eyeing sustainability in European competitions.

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