Is It a Detty or Dirty December for You?

Now I can say that I understand why everyone must get Dirty and Detty in December. But I feel like I came to the party late!

Yay! It's December and most people's favorite season of the year, unarguably.

This season is always filled with so many fun things to do and events around the city.

It's always the best season to unwind, after the year's stress and toxicity. It's a purgative season in my word. A time to laugh and let the world revolve around you and how much fun you can catch.

This can be so expensive and pricey as price tags on everything seem to always be on the hike because of the season. People often save up from the start of the year for this particular season.

When I wasn't employed and busy, I didn't always get what the noise was about, just like in the case of TGIF.

Now I know you need to unwind and relax and what's a better time of the year than December?

Now I can say that I understand why everyone must get Dirty and Detty in December. But I feel like I came to the party late!

As a Nigerian, I figured there are ways to get Dirty or Detty this December:

  • A Visit to Hometown: This is usually very common amongst the Igbos. What's more fulfilling than visiting your village to flaunt wealth, watch masquerade, cultural displays and eat native foods. Attend, watch and participate in inter family or villages tournaments like football and wrestling. Of course you won't forget to visit the village stream for some fun. This tradition will never get outdated.
  • Send some Cash to Mama and Stay Back in the City: Now this a modern life. Maybe there are too many witches in your village or you don't have wealth to flaunt? Whatever the case, another option is to send money home for Xmas rice and New Year chicken and comfortably stay back in the city to party and attend Xmas shows. Just don't forget to send money to mama. You're protected my dear. Detty, you must get this December!
  • Stay Home With Bae/Boo and Explore Vanities and Fire: Ah! If you no get bae abeg jump this one but not without awwwning and dropping a tear. We're sorry, but there are other options for you to get Detty only that this one is for people who want to get Dirty as well.
    What's the perfect time to attain that romantic and sexual height of passion you've always only imagined if not in December? Get kinky if you both want to; yunno walk into a shop and get those sex toys and explore. Cook together, cuddle and read or see movies, dream together about the future and it isn't only intimate and hot, It is so cost effective! Detty December is a time to get Dirty and build!
  • Trip to Fun Places: I heard the Obudu Nature Ranch in Cross River State of Nigeria is at its best state in December. There's Always an abroad feel to it because of the weather and mountains; now the abroad has been brought just to your doorstep and you don't even need to break a bank to get in. So why not!? You even get to wear those thick socks and pullovers. Please go catch some fun!
  • Attend Street Festivals and Cruises: Have you ever heard of the infamous Calabar Carnival which is also the biggest street carnival in the world? It happens in December! Find your way to Calabar city to go watch perfect creative displays of art and beauty. There are also other carnivals happening everywhere else, which are you turning up for?
  • Christmas Carols and Parties: It's everywhere! Each town and even churches with theirs. Don't fail to attend them. I bet you're like me; you love to hear Jingle Bells and First Noel being sung and the red and white Christmas attires in display, the joys and merry in hearts shining on the faces of people as they sing and vibe to the spirit in the air.
  • Visit the Orphanages and Less Priviledges: There's no Christmas without love, sacrifices and giving. If you're a Christian like me, you must have been told the reason for this season right? Replicate the love of Christ by giving out love to the unloved and the loved around you. That way, your December isn't only Detty but you make others have it Detty too. Like me, being fulfilled is in seeing others same way.

Now which of these are you having for the Dettiest December of your life!? You can think up other ways though.

Cheers to the season of so much Love!

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