Why You should not Vote during the Election

What will you analyze or complain about, over a pot of Nkwobi and palm wine at Mbiabong joint if you vote a good leader into office?

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Elections are here again, I mean it is just a snap of the finger from today and interests have started flying everywhere.

The old, tired and expired cargoes are definitely not retiring anytime soon. The campaigns and interests so far show so.

Your grandpa will give tales about elections in their time, and you’ll still gist about the same candidates to your grandchildren, in the future; so much for “Youths are the Leaders of Tomorrow”. 

Oh wait, didn’t one of these expired cargoes say that he’s “a youth”? And today they are youths because they seek more political offices, to monopolize the country and turn the national resources into their household businesses. They’ve forgotten that “Nigerian Youths” were once declared by them to be synonymous with laziness.

So our Baba is a Youth and we are blind. His birth and SSCE certificates will say he sat for his exams 10 years ago and he was born about 28 years ago. His son and grandsons may be older than he is. Baba is a youth! And yes, youths are the leaders of tomorrow, so why not? Till tomorrow Babas continue to rule us.

And this is why you should not vote in this coming election, with many other listed reasons of course.

Here’s why you should not vote:

  1. That Day Will be a Public Holiday, You Need a Break.

Election days are often declared holidays to enable everyone to go out to vote for their candidates. When is a perfect day to sleep and rest away from that 9-5 stress and that horrible boss? And business? Ah! A legit break from that one too. So chill at home, watch Netflix and cook one of those meals you got the recipe from SisiYemmie on Youtube. 

After all, you are tired or aren’t you? And you can afford another 4 years of hardship. You do have money or don’t you? If they like they should triple the exchange rate and prices of things, with the emergence of another clueless government, you are equal to the task ahead.

  1. Baba Promised Your Family Civil Service Jobs When Put On Seat

No one is cutting you off from the hope of a job in your state civil service or even federal civil service, so no way!

You can’t go out to vote against baba. And don’t bother about voting for him, he’ll sort that out, rumours already have it that Baba has pushed billions of Naira into manipulating the results ahead of time.

So why vote? With Baba’s civil service job, you’ll be able to afford the extra hike in prices of things that the ruined economy will bring, and you can even fly yourself abroad for health care because there’s so much money in civil service. After all, you already know that Nigeria’s healthcare system is up to no good, and with Baba’s incoming government, it won’t be getting any better but the Job promised will do.

  1. Your Vote Doesn’t Count

This has been your mantra and has been sung to you and passed down even from your father for generations.

Nothing can remedy the situation and system. These politicians have already booked their slots and the best manipulator will win!

So why bother? It’s the norm. It’s usually what happens. And everyone has adjusted and accepted. So why should you vote? Use that day for something better, your vote doesn’t count, right? 

But your smart mind hasn’t asked you why these politicians spend so much money on campaigns, touts, and the payment of voters, even though meager, to sell their votes to their candidates.

No, you shouldn’t vote. Don’t go out to vote for your preferred better candidate, votes don’t count.

  1. Nigeria Is Just Your Father Land Not Your Land
Flag of Nigeria waving in the wind against the blue sky

Didn’t the Bible say that we are mere pilgrims in this world? This world is not your own. You are not of the world, yes. In fact, you should not stop singing “this world is not my own, I’m only passing by”. So anything happening in this place is not your own. You won’t be living here forever so why bother? Heaven is your goal, please! 

But you can’t stop dreaming of the developed countries and how your children will have dual citizenship. Let’s not even talk about the fact that you’re looking to relocate, because why not!

This world is not your own, but you wouldn’t mind a better world while you’re in it right? It just can’t be Nigeria. No, Nigeria can’t be the better world until you get to your heaven. Who will relocate to Canada if Nigeria gets better?

  1. All Humans Are Horrible, God Is Your Only Ruler

All the government and governors of this earth are from the pit of hell and will burn in hell. All Politicians are corrupt.

There’s no good human left in this life except you, and as for politicians and those running for political offices? The total worst! You can’t vote for anyone, abeg. You won’t be a party to ungodliness or evil people.

Every politician and leader is selfish. They are all liars! Didn’t Hon. Isantim promise to turn your village to Dubai? Now the potholes on the roads have even turned to deep pits and you can’t even think of visiting there anymore because there’s no road. You’ve lost faith in humankind so please nobody should stress you.

 Hopefully, you’ll die soon and get to leave this horrible world because who do you think will make the nation better for you if everyone decides not to vote out the expired cargoes that caused and still want to wreak more havoc? Or isn’t that why you should not vote?

  1. Politics Is A Game

And you’re not a player! Why get involved? In fact, what will you see to analyze or complain about, over a pot of Nkwobi and palm wine at Mbiabong joint if you vote a good leader into office? Or how will you watch people insult each other on social media over their interests or choice candidates?

Politics in Nigeria and maybe anywhere else is a fun game to watch and you the spectator, you love to watch. Let no one take this VIP position from you, please. Only that Nkwobi may get too expensive for you and you may not see fuel to drive down to Mbiabong for your Usual if you sit back and let this cycle repeat.


Whether you choose to vote or not, let’s hope Nigeria gets better and never forget that Nigeria can never get better with repeated cycles and recycled dung. 

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