Why Do Humans Want Kids So Badly?

Okay, it’s fine to want kids, I’m not judging you, but so BADLY? Ain’t kids supposed to be “If they come, I accept or I can decide no, thanks, I don’t want”?

I do not understand why anyone would want kids so badly.

Okay, it’s fine to want kids, I’m not judging you, but so BADLY? Ain’t kids supposed to be “If they come, I accept or I can decide no, thanks, I don’t want”?

So away from cultural and traditional nonsense in Nigeria, that shouldn’t even be, why do supposed liberalists still climb 7 mountains and 16 oceans just to have a baby?

The most annoying ones are the ones who stay fighting for a specific gender of this baby and so they keep going everywhere and even committing atrocities just to have.

Even more, I can never understand the ones that stay giving birth to many children, especially the poor!

But let’s forget finances, my focus is on the physical and psychological aspect of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum experience, why do you go through it again and again and have your life and body transformed forever?

For a child that you may still lose, and therefore cause you so much trauma and grieve because of the loss. Or if alive, will still leave you to go fall in love with someone, and the person becomes number one (okay maybe that one is a good thing, I must also confiscate someone’s son for my own personal use). so let’s talk about the fact that on good days, your child will show you shege during adolescence.

Still, my emphasis is on the pregnancy, the journey and post partum experiences and transformations…

I won’t even understand why my mum birthed five of us, even if I must confess that I can’t imagine losing any of them now that I am already used to them. This actually have nothing to do with them being blood but just being used to them; losing someone you have done a greater part of your life with is very painful, so I can’t imagine. Over here, even losing the ones that are not my biological siblings, the pain would make me run mad.

Back to having kids, why would anyone even pray so hard to get pregnant and go through the process of pregnancy?

Why do people go as far as meeting spirits and sources just to have biological kids carried in their wombs by themselves?

What’s the fun in childbirth and the whole pregnancy journey?

Personally, I would understand raising kids, it’s no fun but it’s fun. Especially for those with the parenting spirit and the “awwn! my ovaries gang”, but you see pregnancy and all that comes with it? I do not understand people that crave it.

I would love to raise a child, I’m equal to that stress and commitment but I do not think that I want to birth one, maybe surrogacy? then that’s fine.

Some of people struggle to take in, like they go through pains to take in, then being pregnant, like the journey is no joke we know, birthing whether via CS or natural birth, is life threatening, in fact everything about pregnancy and child birth is life threatening but people stay craving it.

This is one mystery I would really like to understand.

What is the fun in pregnancy and childbirth?

Why not consider surrogacy if you can afford one and save yourself the emotional, physical, life altering experience of pregnancy and childbirth?

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