Things You Should Rather Do Than Call Someone’s Phone Very Early in the Morning

Nigerian elders would want to beat their chests and swear like; “I washed your bum when you were a baby!”

I know it’s hot on your chest to call him or her up very early in the morning to give that information or maybe just gist.

What’s the perfect time to call someone if not in the early hours, to catch them while they’re not busy? At least they won’t have the excuse to avoid your call.

That sounds interesting and reasonable but maybe you should pause on that.

I do not really care what we share but do not call me in the morning especially if I am not jobless. I would like to think that I am not alone on this.

Nigerian aunties and uncles and mothers would beat their chests now and swear for me but hello, stop calling someone before daybreak or just as day breaks! (Dodges slippers).

You washed their bum bum and poo poo as babies, we get it, but you didn’t tell us that was supposed to be a license to mess our sleep, quiet time or any early morning routine we’ve set for ourselves.

You didn’t wash our bums for us to owe you this, right? You simply did it to keep us clean, simple hygiene as we were not big enough to do it ourselves. You get it? I thought as much!

So Rather Than Call Us Early In The Morning Why Not:

  • Say some prayers for us as you know how to do and have remembered us that early. I hear the angels receive prayers more eagerly in the morning (don’t ask where I got that from).
  • Take the time to pray for yourself. Yes, you have issues bothering you right? Pray when you have the urge to dial our numbers in the morning.
  • Drop an SMS or DM that we’re in your thoughts and you’d like to talk to us, we should hit you up when we’re free. Now what’s more decent than that? We’ll call you when we’re free or maybe we’ll forget, you can’t blame us, we’re mostly always tired. I’m sorry.
  • Work out! Yeah, anytime the thought of us hit and the gist you want to share stays pressing on your chest, do push ups and sit ups and squats, lift weights too and hope the time whirls away. Now this is me being kind with this tip because what’s the perfect advice for your physical and mental well-being if not workouts?
  • Make breakfast. We know you don’t eat very early in the morning but make that breakfast all the same. Take care of your tummy, early breakfast isn’t bad. Now the thought of me would have kept you strong.
  • pick up your pen and journal and begin to write out your day and plan the future. You’d start to want to call me everyday because that would push you to do this everyday and what’s the perfect way to achieve more in life if not perfect outline of vision and purpose statement?

Now don’t thank me yet. I know you’d want to but let me thank you first for taking your time to adhere to this guide and saving me the stress of feeling guilty for not picking up or the duty of picking up and having my routine messed with.

You can go ahead and thank me now, what are thoughtful angels like me for?

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