The Society Will Always Blame The Women For Being Victims of Men’s Bestiality

Maybe women should love themselves some more but sadly, women are a part of society as well. I guess we are so stuck here!

It’s the way our society finds ways to excuse the men for their vileness and all the ills they cause humanity but somehow shift the blames on the women.

A man poops on the floor when there’s a toilet in the room to use, and a woman walks into the place and steps on the mess but the world taunts or mocks her for having shits on her body and asks why she didn’t use torchlight or tread carefully.

No one queries the man for pooping on the floor and on that spot in the first place!

And over here, with the trend and gist of rituals and rituals flying, and girls being victims to these ritualists going about the place; once again, the world has found ways to crucify the women.

Somehow, the blame has been shifted from the so-called “yahoo boys” who are using these girls for rituals, to the victims.

It’s always about what the girl did to become a victim. How it’s the girl’s fault that she became a victim.

Girls are not satisfied. They won’t stay with their broke boyfriends (but guys go on every day about how being with them while they’re broke isn’t a guarantee they’ll end with you and so we still expect girls to… Do what now?)

And why should anyone feel they can dictate who girls should date? As per rich or poor.

Poverty gets so glorified but we forget it’s the poverty and lust for money on the guys’ part that push them to this evil. Or if they were rich, would they need rituals? It’s still the same broke guys who stay doing yahoo and rituals, in my opinion, anyhow you want to put it or see it.

It’s always on the girls. Yes, we get here and it’s the girls! The men are not dragged. It’s the girls who become victims and still get shamed for it.

Everyone is singing and excited about girls being used by guys for rituals. Ntoor and “but why can’t girls stop running after money?” is going around the place.

So no one is saying no one has the right to take another’s life no matter what. A life you didn’t give or create!

No one is asking why guys are running after the money they didn’t earn through honest means.

No, it’s simply all about how girls are lazy, greedy, and whatever and so they deserve to be gruesomely murdered for rituals huh?


All these jokes about runs girls and girls following yahoo boys and not staying with your broke boyfriend is STUPID!

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