Sylvester Oromoni: “You Do not Need To Withdraw Your Children From Dowen” – Parents Forum

Sylvester Oromoni: “You Do not Need To Withdraw Your Children From Dowen” – Parents Forum

Dowen college parents forum has reacted to an online campaign insisting on the withdrawal of students from the school following the death of 12-year-old Sylvester Oromoni.

Sylvester died after he was allegedly beaten up by some student in school and given a harmful substance to consume which consequently led to his death.

The forum called for the change of school management and hostel teachers and the installation of CCTV in the school hostels.

In an interview with SaharaReporters on Tuesday, Aituaz Kola-Oladejo an executive member of the forum stated that withdrawing students from the school would not serve any good instead a reform should be called for.

She said: “People react differently to information. We are parents in the school. Academic wise, the school is very sound, I must say; I have three children there.

“There are lapses but I would not say that people should withdraw their children at this point in time. I would rather say this is a time to heal, reconcile and build. That is my message for Dowen parents; let us work with Dowen management to build and Dowen management is ready to cooperate but they are going through a lot now with the police and all of that.

“I know that there have been cases in other schools where students were bullied as well. It is an opportunity for reform in Nigerian secondary schools generally. Withdrawing your children from this school is not the solution to the problem but that might be the first reaction out of fear. I don’t think it is a graveyard. The school will turn 25 years next year and a number of people who attended the school have done well.”


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