Pastor Praises Naira Marley’s Songs During Sermon

Pastor Praises Naira Marley’s Songs During Sermon

The leader of His Majesty Evangelical Ministry, Prophet Gabriel Evans, has expressed his love for the songs of Nigerian singer, Azeez Fashola, popularly known as Naira Marley.

The cleric while addressing his members said although the talented singer is spotted with cannabis, some of his songs passes deep messages.

Evans in his message referred to Naira Marley’s song dubbed ‘Aye’ (which means Life in English language).

The cleric said, “That boy only smokes weed, he’s in his right senses. Naira Marley, his head is intact.

Evans thereafter sang the song which is highly streamed on YouTube.

“Aye yi o le (Life is not hard), Aye lo m’aye le (The people of the world makes life hard), Ninu aye lo ti di f’aye (Inside life makes it hard for life), Aye yi o le (Life is not hard).

“Eyin le ma sin iya yin (You all will be bury your mother). Or you don’t want to bury your mother?”, Evans asked the congregation.

In another development, a young man said to be a pastor has been caught inside a Church fornicating with a married woman.

Ezenwoko’s Blog understands that the event happened at a local church in Ghana. As seen in a viral video on the internet, the two adults were caught red-handed by some persons who seem to have been trailing the duo.

A spy who recorded the video is observed to have monitored the pastor and the lady, making sure that they do not escape his sight while he record the event.

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