Monday should be a Weekend Extension.

On Monday mornings, your body tells you each time, to sleep back, “just some more sleep please, it wouldn’t hurt”.

Monday sucks!

Y’all are going to pretend like Monday is the real deal right now? Like the day you get up, all tough, agile, ready with new resolutions to smash goals.

I am barely productive on a Monday, I don’t know about you. It’s definitely not one of those days I feel like the big career person, ready to close deals and meet with investors or clients.

And to think that everyone has so many expectations from Monday yet I always feel so clueless if not useless on a Monday. 

I know I’m not alone on this so I’m wondering “who are these people placing so many demands Monday?”

In reality, Monday really should be a weekend extension. With the zombie-like feeling of not really understanding what you’re doing at the office in the first place when you’re not done cuddling up or curled up snacking with a movie, or just chilling out, whatever way. 

So you go about your day asking “so what’s that my job description again? And what’s this company called, by the way?” Because you left your career personae at home, together with the gone weekend.

Mondays actually feel like trying to open one eye at a time to a blazing morning sunray at dawn. You get that feeling where you’re trying to open one eye at a time, after attempted blindness on your eyes the time you tried to open both, abruptly? 

So you go easy, one eye at a time, slowly, trying to make sense of what’s happening, why the sun shines so bright, when it’s still 3 am (in your head though ), while wondering what time it really is.

This is what Monday feels like!

On Monday mornings, your body tells you each time, to sleep back, “just some more sleep please, it wouldn’t hurt”. But does it really make anyone feel better? I mean that extra morning sleep after your alarm has gone off and it’s past rising time. 

And you’re wondering why everyone struggles with you on the road, trying to jump buses and taxis at 8:07 am, hoping to get to the office at 7:30 am, for a 7:45 am resumption time, at their jobs, on a Monday morning? 

That’s possibly because you’re not alone on this need for a weekend extension on Mondays.

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