Meeting Your Ex Again-Why Do They Always Have to be Broke?

You might want to shake your head in disgust at this point, well go ahead, I judge people too!

One of the Joys I always have whenever I meet my exes again is that I always meet them broke!

I know this might not be same for you or may sound like some fantasy but this is my one reality that I’m grateful for.

And you may want to feel like a better human right now by thinking that I am wrong to feel good that they stay broke after and possibly tell me that they won’t always remain so.

Go ahead and be a Killjoy! But then you’re right, they may not always remain so, and I’m simply talking of the now, thanks.

Truth is, I don’t care what they become in years but they stay broke for now and that is soothing.

You may want to ask what I’m always doing with broke folks by the way. Don’t bother, I’ve been asking myself similar question. Sadly, I think I have the itch to always go into people’s lives to try to fix them (and I always end with narcissists, I know you didn’t ask).

You might be a psychologist and may want to tell me it’s a reaction to trauma, and you may be right about that as well.

I eventually didn’t fix anyone because they stayed broke then and now and don’t know for how long.

Do you keep good relationships with your exes even after a breakup? And possibly you never have shitty breakups? I know, you are a better human than I am and I will not contend that fact.

Shake your head in disgust at this point like what the heck! I judge people too, thanks and you’re welcome.

I’m sorry, I’m a very immature girl and I love to win. Or maybe watch people lose even if I’m not winning either.

Shocker! Just like you, I stay amicable and mature with my exes though. I talk to all my exes but unlike you, I’m really not mature because that’s only because I am a stalker! I love to monitor, I am nosy (it may come off as caring) and I want to know about their progress or lack of one to up my personal game, maybe influence my next pick.

No, I have moved on. And would never want to get back with them or at them. I just like to know because I hate the state of unknowing.

I should be more sad that I didn’t build relationships I could fall back on when in a financially tight corner because why do they always have to be broke though!?

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