Do Not Send The Military To Kill Our Youths – World Igbo Congress Cries Out

Do Not Send The Military To Kill Our Youths – World Igbo Congress Cries Out

World Igbo Congress has condemned the deployment of the military under the guise of the ‘Golden Dawn’ operation to the South-East.

The group stated that the operation is another form of Python Dance and an opportunity for the Igbo youths to be massacred.

They also questioned the reason for the deployment of the Nigerian Army instead of the Nigerian police who they maintained have the constitutional rights to combat any civil unrest.

The group further alleged that the move to bring the army to the southeast might be the first step in a grand plan which involves causing disturbances that will eventually lead to the loss of lives and declaration of the region as ungovernable.

The group said: “WIC notes that all arms of the military, plus the police and other paramilitary formations are involved in this exercise. It is telling that maintenance of law and order amongst civilian populations has now become the purview of the military as opposed to the police whose statutory responsibility includes the maintenance of law and order in society.

“WIC further notes the irony and significance of launching the exercise in Enugu while similar exercises are supposedly going on simultaneously in some other localities. Discerning minds can see through this subterfuge as the regions and states that are truly in need of peacekeeping (Zamfara, Katsina, Niger, Sokoto, etc.), are not covered by this exercise.

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