Biafra/Oduduwa: Nigeria’s Unity Negotiable – Kingibe

Biafra/Oduduwa: Nigeria’s Unity Negotiable – Kingibe

Nigeria’s envoy to Chad and the Lake Chad basin region, Ambassador Babagana Kingibe, has stated that Nigeria’s unity is negotiable.

Ezenwoko’s Blog reports that the former Vice Presidential Candidate stated this while speaking at The Sun Newspapers 2020 Awards in Lagos, on Saturday.

According to the former Ambassador to Cyprus, Greece and Pakistan, even the union between a husband and wife is negotiable.

He however warned that even if the country is divided no land will be taken from one place to another as everyone would be required to remain in the same place.

Kingibe said: “I was born in Nigeria. I was groomed in Nigeria. I believe in Nigeria. People of my generation believe in Nigeria. We have no doubt about the fact that we have no option, but Nigeria.

“However, I think that a few of my colleagues believe that the unity of Nigeria is not negotiable. Of course, it is negotiable. Even the unity of a family is negotiable. Even the constitution of husband and wife is negotiable.

“The moment either parties feels this union is no longer bearable, that he or she will rather go his/her way. You help them to sit down consider their condition after a careful and rational examination of the pros and cons of how to be married that they take the decision which suit them best.

“When we ever say we want to go away, I do not think they realise the going away. It is not that you carve out the piece of land, take it up and put it in other side of Ghana. The piece of land will be here. You will be here. Everybody will be here. And we all want to prosper. My appeal to everyone is, please, let us be respectful of one another. Let us not demonise one another. Let us respect the views of everybody.”

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