A Massive Defection From APC To PDP Is Brewing, Senator Reveals

A Massive Defection From APC To PDP Is Brewing, Senator Reveals

Senator Samuel Anyawu, a former federal lawmaker and national secretary consensus candidate of the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) has said that a mass defection of chieftains and members of the All Progressive Congress(APC) to the PDP will occur in coming weeks.

Anyanwu revealed this after he obtained nomination forms at the party’s national secretariat and stated that what is left for this to take place is for him to emerge as the secretary of the party.

He went ahead to state that the moment certain persons hear he is the new national secretary they would immediately move camp to PDP and this would mostly happen in Imo state.

He said: “I know that even before my emergence as the national secretary of the party, there are indications that there will be a tsunami in the next few weeks in Imo state- those who are going to move out from the APC upon hearing my name as the national secretary of the party. I will not disappoint.

“There is going to be a tsunami of defections of people from APC to PDP especially from Imo state where I come from and other states in the South-East. I can tell you that as we speak, most people in APC, having heard that I have emerged as the consensus candidate of the party, refused to even participate in the last Saturday congress of the party, because they are preparing to move into PDP.”

“I have this approach that people like so much and I have been speaking to great leaders who left PDP to go and join the APC and I have been able to know their grievances. I will start from where I come from and by the grace of God with the new brand of National Working Committee, we are going to make a difference.”

“I can never be imposed by anybody because I am a moving machine for the party. I have never lost election in PDP even when it mattered most. I have always won in Imo state. 

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