16-Year-Old Sentenced To Nine Years Imprisonment For Murder

16-Year-Old Sentenced To Nine Years Imprisonment For Murder

A 16-year-old boy has been sentenced to nine years in prison after being convicted of stabbing a female college student.

The assailant, Luchiano Lewis, alongside two other teenagers of 16 and 13 murdered the victim Tessa Majors in 2019.

As at the time of the murder, Lewis was 14 years old and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office decided to charge him as an adult

Earlier last month, Lewis pleaded guilty to murder and robbery and was consequently sentenced on Thursday, Oct 14.

The family of the deceased described the immeasurable pain they were going through.

The statement was read by Assistant District Attorney on behalf of Inman Majors, Tessa’s father.

The statement read: ‘Nearly two years later, we still find words inadequate to describe the immeasurable pain, trauma, and suffering that our family has endured since her senseless murder.

‘Tess was a brilliant student, a voracious reader, a poet and a fledgling journalist. She had big dreams.’

Tessa Majors who was 18 when she was murdered was from Charlottesville, Virginia and was finishing her first semester at Barnard College, Manhattan.

At about 8 pm in the evening of her murder, Lewis and 16-year-old Rashan Weaver and an unnamed 13-year-old attacked Tessa and tried to take her phone ABC 7 reported.

The Teenagers stabbed her multiple times. A video was played in court showing her in her final moments before her death. A security camera caught her struggling up a flight of stairs dripping blood. When she got to the street she collapsed and died.

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