Was The Woman Created As Afterthought Or Does The Bible Need To Be Edited?

With the thrive of technology and the age of information and liberalism, the Christian Faith might have to restrategize.

“I believe a woman wasn’t created as an afterthought. I see everything wrong with the biblical narrative of creation”. My boss said.

This was a point where I had to prove my stance as to where I belonged; defending the Christian Faith as a born again Christian or supporting his claims and sticking to the course of seeking the liberation of women from the bondage of being tagged the lesser being because religion and tradition say so, as a feminist.

“You can’t claim to be a born-again Christian and still be a feminist” now this statement causes my heart to squeeze, reason? I don’t know but I would love to think it’s a blend of different emotions beyond me.

But then I would smile and boldly tell you then and even now that “Jesus was and is a feminist!”. No, I didn’t say Jesus is a misandrist so don’t get me wrong.

Therefore, as Christians, we must all be feminists. Now, I guess this is the point you start fuming and feeling like she’s just blasphemed, and here’s the point I pat you on the back and tell you to breathe and not allow sentiments and traditions blind you just because they favour your gender.

Jesus Christ was not for the law that stoned the adulterous and left the man. Lolz. Today your patriarchy is stoning women in different ways and you’d say it’s tradition; Emeka, go back to the shrine and become your family’s priest, blessing your belly with enough kola, ogogoro, red meats, and honouring your ancestors with libations and offerings of same. Keeper of traditions.

You’d love to bring up several Bible quotes and facts like “why didn’t Jesus have female disciples?” Lolz, make Christianity kuku be for males as per disciples, make we all rest!

But then Mary and Martha were Jesus’ followers and one of them sat boldly at Jesus’ feet, abandoning “traditional feminine duties”. Let’s not talk about Mary Magdalene.

Jesus did not segregate, or discriminate, he only understood that Gender Equality doesn’t mean GENDER SAMENESS and the simple concept of “complementalism” (that word doesn’t exist but you need to get what I mean. You do, I guess).

Back to the Bible being edited, I think the Bible is long overdue for revision and editing. Now, I’m not saying this from a cynical point, I genuinely hope the Bible is rechecked.

We can’t deny the fact that SO MANY things were taken out from the Bible and of course, those writings were greatly influenced by the traditions and personal sentiments of the writers and place of origin, though spirit inspired. What about the compilation? Don’t you think the compilers did a little twitch and twist here and there?

And yes, I can be a Born-again Christian and a feminist; they are not mutually exclusive!

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