Burna Boy Is A Model Of Success In His Celebratory ‘Way Too Big’ Video

Afro-fusion star Burna Boy is a model of success in his celebratory “Way Too Big” video, which continues the promotion cycle for his 2020 album Twice As Tall. Opening with a shot of a young boy in Lagos, Nigeria encountering a statue of Burna Boy as a boxer, the video imagines an entirely different path for... Continue Reading →

Burna Boy Unveils New New Single 20:10:20

Burna Boy has shared a new single. Over a slow-burning Afrobeat rhythm, the deeply emotive 20:10:20 addresses the recent, harrowing Lekki massacre in Nigeria, where peaceful #EndSARS protestors were shot at by the military and police. The singer and rapper explained: "The proceeds of this song will be used to support families of victims and people suffering affliction as a... Continue Reading →

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