Real-world photos confirm Samsung’s next flagship phone is called the Galaxy S20

There will be no Samsung Galaxy S11. Instead, Samsung is jumping ahead to the S20. Rumors had been swirling about the branding change in recent weeks, and today XDA Developers published the first real-world shots of the Galaxy S20 Plus. The phone’s startup screen confirms the new name; maybe Samsung is naming by year now.... Continue Reading →

Warning Issued For Millions Of Samsung Galaxy S10 And Note 10 Users

Three days after Samsung confirmed an issue with the innovative in-display fingerprint reader on its S10 and a Note 10 smartphones, the company has issued an even more serious warning for millions of users. The issue relates to the use of gel covers which seem to enable any fingerprint to unlock the devices. The issue is so serious, that... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy S10 may be outclassed by Note 10 Pro according to these leaked specs

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10's upcoming launch on August 7 is weeks away, and leaks hint it will be powerful – possibly more than the Galaxy S10, according to leaked specs for both it and the beefier Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. The Note 10 specs come courtesy of noted leaker Steve H. McFly in... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy S11 could get a significant power boost

Samsung's new DRAM will enhance mobile performance The Samsung Galaxy S11 could be the first handset to benefit from the South Korean firm's latest announcement; mass production of the industry's first 12Gb LPDDR5 Mobile DRAM, which is super-fast memory for premium smartphones. While that's a real mouthful, simply put it means better smartphone performance for... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy Note10 coming on August 7

We came across a report earlier this month which stated that Samsung would launch the Galaxy Note10 on August 10. But now, citing people familiar with Samsung's plans, CNETreports that this South Korean tech giant will unveil its 2019 Galaxy Note on 7th of August instead. The launch event will be held in New York City at... Continue Reading →

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