Nigeria: Another Lockdown Is Not Welcome

WE are on the same page with President Muhammadu Buhari who, in a recent tweet, warned that the Nigerian economy is too fragile to contemplate another lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. The president had sent the tweet on October 29, 2020. The Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 led by the Secretary to the Government... Continue Reading →

PMB, Recession And Delusion Of A Dazed Opposition

The global standards for gauging a virile opposition are constructive criticisms and useful engagements. The voice of the opposition is respected when it sets aside sentiments, pettiness and propaganda in times of national emergencies to join hands with the government of the day to solve problems. After this order was the opposition in the First... Continue Reading →

Nigeria enters worst recession in decades

Nigeria has entered recession again, the worst economic decline in almost four decades. In June, the World Bank warned that the collapse in oil prices and the COVID-19 pandemic could dip the Nigerian economy into the worst situation since the 1980s. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Africa’s most populous country has now contracted by -2.48%. The... Continue Reading →

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