Queen Elizabeth II Approves Government’s Brexit Bill

Queen Elizabeth II gave her formal assent Thursday for Britain to end its decades-long involvement in the European Union and seek a more independent but uncertain future at the end of the month. The head of the state’s ceremonial approval of the withdrawal legislation allows Britain to leave its closest neighbors and trading partners after... Continue Reading →

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry Hold Crisis Meeting  

Queen Elizabeth II and other senior British royals were gathering for a meeting Monday with Prince Harry in an attempt to solve the crisis triggered by his bombshell announcement that he and wife Meghan were stepping back from the royal frontline. Harry’s father Prince Charles and brother Prince William, with whom he has strained relations,... Continue Reading →

How Man, G. Edward Went From Struggling In His Room To Being Awarded By Queen Elizabeth (Video)

Given Edward, the founder/CEO of Mtabe has shared a throwback of how he went from struggling in his room to being awarded by Queen Elizabeth. The Tanzanian man who started the decade struggling from his room, ended the decade being recognized by Queen Elizabeth, and he took to social media to share a 10 years... Continue Reading →

Queen Elizabeth To Retire By Her Next Birthday, So Her Son, Prince Charles Can Assume Power

It could soon be the end of an era, as new reports claim Queen Elizabeth II plans to retire within 18 months so her son, Prince Charles can assume the throne. According to the NEW YORK POST, Her Majesty is giving “considerable thought” to stepping down sooner rather than later — and definitely, a royal source says, no later... Continue Reading →

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