Ivanka Trump’s bra-less outfit grabs world attention at UNGA

The arrival of Ivanka Trump at the ongoing 74th UNGA momentarily shifted attention from long speeches and contentious issues as the American First Daughter’s thin blue blouse got scrutinizing looks. The 37-year-old mother of three probably offered more than she intended to, as the outline of her nipples could be seen through her blue shirt.... Continue Reading →

Billionaire, Tony Elumelu Pictured With Donald Trump’s Daughter, Ivanka At The White House

Tony Elumelu, banker, philanthropist and founder of the Tony Elumelu Foundation has shared photo of him and Ivanka Trump, daughter of US President. At the White House in Washington, If one is wondering what connects Ivanka with Tony, it’s all about deepening the impact of Tony’s Entrepreneurship Programme, especially about supporting more women. According to... Continue Reading →

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