Mauritius to acquire one million doses of anti-COVID vaccines from India

Mauritius is discussing with the Indian government for the acquisition of one million additional doses of the anti-COVID vaccines as soon as they are available for administration to its 1.3 million population, official sources announced in Port-Louis. Zouberr Joomaye, spokesperson of the National Communication Committee (NCC) on COVID-19, said following an agreement with the World Health... Continue Reading →

Nigerian, Nine others Arrested For Peddling Drugs On Darknet In India

Bengaluru police in India have arrested a Nigerian and nine Indians for peddling drugs. Officials said on Monday that the men placed their orders via internet platform darknet and paid using bitcoin.

Huge Rally For Trump As US President Arrives India

US President Donald Trump arrived in India on Monday for a lightning visit featuring a huge rally at the world’s biggest cricket stadium and other high-profile photo opportunities, but likely short on concrete achievements. Trade tensions have grown between the world’s two biggest democracies as Trump’s “America First” drive collides with fellow protectionist strongman Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s... Continue Reading →

Indian Students Protest Against Forceful Strip For Menstruation Checks

Scores of women students staged a protest outside an Indian college saying they were forced to strip to check if they were menstruating. The students were told to undress after a used sanitary napkin was found in a garden outside Sahjanand Girls Institute, where they are banned from the hostel when they are having their... Continue Reading →

Nigeria, Israel, And India Among Survey Lists As US President Trump Strongholds

A survey by the Washington-based Pew Research Centre has listed Nigeria as one of the strongholds of United States President, Donald Trump. This is as the survey found that support for President Trump remains largely negative around the world. The Centre discovered that across the 33 countries surveyed a median of 64 percent said they... Continue Reading →

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