#EndSARS is one of Nigeria’s most successful protests -Lai Mohammed

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, says the #EndSARS protest is one of the most successful protests Nigeria has ever witnessed, News Agency of Nigeria reports. He, however, said he envisions a better Nigeria where fundamental human rights of people will be respected after the #EndSARS protests. The minister, who spoke at a Special NAN Forum... Continue Reading →

Nigeria: Leaderless movement #EndSARS may be missing ingredient to end police brutality

Five days after Nigeria celebrated its 60th independence anniversary, an event that is shaping up to be the biggest since Nigeria returned to democracy hit the scene: a leaderless protest against police brutality galvanised by mostly gen Z (youth in their 20s) and a feminist coalition. The police in question are members of the Special... Continue Reading →

End SARS: Youths protest against police brutality in Imo

Imo State youths numbering over 2000, on Monday stormed the government house, protesting against police brutality on innocent citizens of the state. The youths displayed placards with inscriptions, ‘let us end this brutality before police ends us’, ‘the policemen have become a thorn in our flesh’, ‘the Governor and Commissioner of police should call the... Continue Reading →

End SARS, Police Brutality And Extrajudicial Killings: Nigerian Youth Wither Thou By Austin Okeke Esq

What more does one expect from those who publicly mortgage their worth for a pot porridge, and crumbs from the table of feasting politicians who glaringly tell you to your face how worthless you are. Shame on. The Nigerian Government adopted a law criminalising torture in December 2017. However, to date, no one has been... Continue Reading →

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