Evangelist Begs For Forgiveness As She Welcomes Child Outside Wedlock

Evangelist Begs For Forgiveness As She Welcomes Child Outside Wedlock

A Nigerian Facebook evangelist, Patience Otene  have apologized to her followers after welcoming a child outside marriage.

Taking to her Facebook account, the evangelist revealed that she welcomed a child one month ago.

She however condemned her decision on having a child outside marriage, insisting that it is against God’s word.

She encouraged her followers not to lose faith in God because of the step she had taken and asked for prayers as she is going through a tough time.

She wrote: “I HAVE A BABY. Yes you read it right and my baby is a month old today. Am I now married? NO.

“Does GOD approve of what I have done? Definitely NO, (God’s word on this is very clear and can not be changed)

“Does the Bible approve of this? Definitely NO. Would I advise another person to do as I have done? Definitely NO. Did I plan it to happen this way, Definitely NO

“I have gone through the toughest of times in the past months and I’ll tell you for sure that staying in GOD’S will is the best

“To those who will feel discouraged considering the fact that I am someone who put up godly contents of what one should do and not do, I am truly sorry,

“Please do not lose your faith in GOD because of me or what has happened instead let your faith in GOD be strengthened as GOD’S way is the only and best way to do it,

“While I am struggling with my spiritual life at the moment, I ask you pray for me in this season as it’s all I really need in this season. Thank you.”


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