Decency and Moral Decadence in Our Society Today.

Hookup is so classy that even working class women are pitied and are ashamed to say they work, where hookers are boldly rejecting job offers

One day, I walked into this boutique to pick a few stuff and two girls walked in too, almost unclad with our Nigerian wealth signature — iPhones. Sadly, that is what wealth has been reduced to amongst youths in our society today.

 They felt and acted like they had arrived and it didn’t matter that they looked unkept, trashy and possibly in thier teens or early twenties and very much clueless but for how to serviice men.

And it didn’t help that the space owner would rather give them more attention than anyone else. But then you wouldn’t blame him, they are his regular and most constant customers – these girls make money to spend on outfits just as trashy as the ones they were wore and this man right here looked like their sure plug. 

It didn’t help that they addressed him by his name and had his contact numbers, so you see? He had to give them more attention because they are the regular buyers, not girls like me who would never come back after one shopping spree and truly I didn’t go back there again. As a working lady in the society, where is the money?

He really had nice stuff if you ask me, not just those trashy things. He understands the classes of women, that it’s  not only these girls that would patronize, though he had more of their kind on a regular basis.

Don’t ask me how I know this because some things are left bare for the human eyes to quickly take in and understand. 

Those girls were the definition of today’s “runs babe” but without the touch of class. Oh yes, in case you are wondering there are actually levels to these things. Prostitutes come in grades just like “Okrika” wears.

And just if you are wondering, these are the types of prostitutes today based on grades:


These ones don’t charge much and would likely lurk around the street corners waiting for equally poor men who can’t keep it in their pants to patronize. It would shock  you though to know that the seemingly responsible men drive their cars around the suspected areas where these woman lurk around to  patronize them too. These are the men who would like throw the statement “is it because of ordinary sex that you are doing all this shakara? Something that I can easily get for 500 naira at the junction?” 

Ashawo has been in existence in the society for centuries now, the upgrade and pride is what is new today.

Runs Babe

This doesn’t stand by the roadside but her charge is fairly better than the usual ashawo. Just like the ashawo, this set of people are ready to go down with anyone, just put a call across and hold your money.

They may not give you a bill like the ashawo, whatever you pay them, but they may have a minimum charge. If her minimum charge is 5000 naira, you’d better not pay less, but they can get more if you give them. They are in for it at any time you put a call across.

They are the set of girls that hotel managers have in handy to “organize” for their male guests who feel horny in a strange town and have no woman to call upon.


Now these are the classy and mighty in our society today. These are the set of people who will look you straight in the eye and mock you for doing a legitimate job of 150 thousand naira per month, when according to them, they can make that amount and more at a go, in one day with hookup. 

With these ones, there is a fixed high price and a class of people they go down with. They don’t just do anyone and everyone. To access them, you pay a lot of money, enough to fund their trips abroad.

They are likely to maintain their “clients” for years, who sure calls them every now and then and may not go down with so many unless the new people have more money to offer or the former clients start to misbehave. 

They are so intimidating at times, the men may get too excited and fumble during sex or empty their accounts for them. They are simply influential and you don’t mess with them.

Because of this “Job”, they have connections with the highest class of men in the country, enough to influence things, even more than the hardworking NGO owner. 

“If you do anyhow, you collect anyhow”, is their watchword. They won’t mind challenging a commissioner in a state because they proudly go down with the governor and senators and so feel like they are important assets to the nation.

Our Reality

It is pure hypocrisy that the political heads patronize girls for Hookups and even Runs but set up systems to arrest, harass, and intimidate the Ashawo class of prostitutes, denying low class men in our nation the privilege of this joy too.

And it’s the boldness of hookers for me! They will so loudly reject your job offer and even insult you for presenting them that offer, but opt for hookups and will publicly do this without shame. 

So I found it very funny when my boss called me up to ask if the skit he watched, where a girl boldly rejected a job offer for hookup was a joke. Such naivety!

A woman who who chooses to work for a meagre salary of 200 thousand Naira per month is not to speak in the council of women in the society today. She is to feel shame and reproach for choosing to work and suffer, because today having a legitimate job as a woman is synonymous to suffering. The slogan is “I no come this life to suffer, God abeg o!”

And so, on this note, a hooker can easily tell a CEO or manager of a large organization to “shut up” and follow it with “who do you think you are? Do you know who I am?

And are young men helping matters? No! They will easily look down on a proper, working class lady with no expensive sophisticated attire but lay flat on their faces to worship a jobless lady with all of that, even when they know that personally, affording those luxuries are impossible. 

The society isn’t even making it easy for morality and decency to thrive today.

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