Survey Shows Nigerians Spend More Time On Twitter and Instagram Than Americans and British Combined

Nigerians spend more time on social media than citizens of most countries, according to a survey conducted by Global Web Index, a market research company. In the survey, 575,000 internet users aged 16-64 were interviewed across 46 markets. The social media networks considered in the survey include Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Skype, Snapchat,... Continue Reading →

This Is The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+

Light years later, the Galaxy Note is undeniable. The original device, unveiled at IFA 2011, seemed unfathomably massive for a handset — all 5.3 inches of it. Nearly a decade and hundreds of millions of handsets later, the line has transformed the way we think about mobile devices. Sure the stylus hasn’t become a mainstream... Continue Reading →

Ben Murray Bruce Says That All Vehicles Purchased For The Company Will Be Electric Vehicles

Ex-Senator and Chairman of Silverbird Group, Ben Murray-Bruce, Has Giving Directive That All Vehicles Purchased On Behalf Of The Company Will Be Electric Vehicles. The common sense Ex-Senator, presented a bill on April 10 this year to phase out cars run on petrol in favour of electric cars by the year 2035. It was thrown... Continue Reading →

US Fines Facebook $5 Billion For Repeated Privacy Violations

United States government on Wednesday issued an unprecedented rebuke of Facebook after a year of massive privacy mishaps, charging that the company deceived its users and “undermined” choices they made to protect their data as part of a settlement that requires the tech giant to pay $5 billion and submit to significant federal oversight of... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy S10 may be outclassed by Note 10 Pro according to these leaked specs

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10's upcoming launch on August 7 is weeks away, and leaks hint it will be powerful – possibly more than the Galaxy S10, according to leaked specs for both it and the beefier Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. The Note 10 specs come courtesy of noted leaker Steve H. McFly in... Continue Reading →

2020 Ford Explorer, 2020 Hyundai Palisade, 2019 Toyota Highlander Compared

If you have a family there is a strong likelihood that a midsize SUV is on your radar.  Maybe you own one and are seeking a replacement or maybe you are stepping up from another vehicle type. Whatever your situation, a midsize SUV is a terrific all-around family vehicle. With three rows of seats, it... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy S11 could get a significant power boost

Samsung's new DRAM will enhance mobile performance The Samsung Galaxy S11 could be the first handset to benefit from the South Korean firm's latest announcement; mass production of the industry's first 12Gb LPDDR5 Mobile DRAM, which is super-fast memory for premium smartphones. While that's a real mouthful, simply put it means better smartphone performance for... Continue Reading →

MTN announces slash in data prices

MTN Nigeria on Wednesday announced a price slash across all its data plans and offerings, barely two weeks after launching 4G+, which offers customers faster data speeds. The Chief Marketing Officer, Rahul De, who disclosed this at a news conference, added that the slash was a means of delivering more value to the customers. According... Continue Reading →

Intel’s 10th Gen ‘Comet Lake’ Desktop CPU Lineup Allegedly Leaks Out

 Core i9-10900KF Flagship With 10 Cores, 20 Threads, 5.2 GHz Boost at $499 US, 8 Cores Start at $339 US, 6 Cores at $179 US It looks like Intel’s entire 10th Generation ‘Comet Lake’ CPU lineup has allegedly leaked out along with specifications of 13 different SKUs. The Comet Lake family is the continuation of... Continue Reading →

The Lightyear One is a $169,000 electric car with built-in solar panels : -Set to launch in early 2021

Tesla might be an electric car enthusiast's wildest fantasy, but in terms of pure green energy, they still aren't quite perfect. After all, the electricity you use to charge the car from your home could have been generated in less-than-clean power plants or factories. For those who truly want to minimize their carbon footprint, Dutch... Continue Reading →

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