US: What Trump will do during Biden’s inauguration revealed

US President, Donald Trump will be having his private sendoff party running simultaneously with the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden. The outgoing President will depart Washington DC on Wednesday morning before Biden is sworn in. Trump has made it clear he won’t be attending the inauguration of his successor, making him the first modern-day president... Continue Reading →

US crisis: Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaks after impeaching President Trump

House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi has insisted that no one is above the law. She said this after signing an article of impeachment against President Donald Trump. Trump was impeached for a historic second time on Wednesday evening, and Pelosi did the signing, a ceremonial step that precedes the article being sent to the Senate. The... Continue Reading →

Trump’s impeachment: Biden sends message to Senate

US President-elect, Joe Biden has sent a message to the Senate after the House of Representatives impeached President Donald Trump on Wednesday. Biden asked the Senate to conduct Trump’s impeachment trial while simultaneously handling other critical issues. Biden does not want issues surrounding the current administration to slow down his government when he takes office... Continue Reading →

US: Joe Biden reacts to President Trump’s impeachment

US President-elect, Joe Biden, has reacted to the impeachment of President Donald Trump by the House of Representatives. The House on Wednesday impeached President Trump for a historic second time and seven days before the scheduled swearing-in of Joe Biden. Biden praised the Nancy Pelosi led house which was able to secure the support of... Continue Reading →

US: How President Trump reacted to his second impeachment

President Donald Trump has called on his supporters to shun violence and vandalism after he was impeached for a history-making second time by the US House of Representatives on Wednesday. The House voted 232 to 197 to impeach the President with the support of 10 members of his own party. After the successful impeachment by... Continue Reading →

US crisis: Trump issues warnings over move to impeach him

President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, has warned that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s move to impeach him again is causing tremendous anger and danger. The President, however, said that both lawmakers have continued on this “terrible” path, even though he does not want violence. The Nancy Pelosi-led US House of Representatives... Continue Reading →

US election: Biden refuses to support Trump’s impeachment, reveals quickest way to remove President

President-elect Joe Biden on Friday described President Donald Trump as the most incompetent President in the history of the United States of America. However, the President-elect’s speech on Friday night strongly indicated he does not back moves to impeach Trump. He said the quickest way to get the outgoing President out of office is through... Continue Reading →

Twitter permanently suspends Trump amid heightened tensions

Twitter has permanently suspended President Donald Trump’s account. The President was accused of using it for sedition. After the US Capitol invasion, Trump seemed to have posted tweets that tactically supported further opposition to the incoming administration. Some rioters are reportedly planning further attacks on state capitol buildings on January 17, three days to the... Continue Reading →

US Election: 11 Republican Senators To Challenge Biden’s Presidential Victory

A group of Republican senators led by veteran lawmaker Ted Cruz said Saturday they would challenge Joe Biden’s election win — the latest last-ditch move to support Donald Trump’s efforts to undermine the vote. The initiative, which appears certain to fail, flies in the face of rulings in dozens of courts and the findings by... Continue Reading →

Someone is going to get killed – US election official tells Trump

Gabriel Sterling, a Georgia election official, has stated that President Donald Trump will be held accountable for any violence relating to the United States election. Sterling is the state’s Voting Systems Implementation Manager. At a news conference in Atlanta on Tuesday, he condemned the President’s claim that widespread irregularities were perpetrated during the November 3... Continue Reading →

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