LAUTECH Undergraduate Seyi Ojelabi Making Impact With Medical Innovations


Seyi Ojelabi, is a robotic engineer, IOT expert, and STEAM educator knew as SHYNE for innovation and invention. He’s a 400L student of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, department of computer science and engineering.

He developed a multi-purpose device for the deaf and dumb to bridge a communication barrier with individuals that barely understands sign language, and for the residual patient who could not move or speak, defecate consciously without a means of communicating metabolic waste discharge at the point of disposing before messing up as a result of stroke predicament.

The device was demonstrated at one of the schools for the handicapped in Nigeria, attested by Dr. Sunday Oladeji the medical director of mainspring hospital Ogbomoso, and at Lautech Teaching Hospital.

Seyi is the Nigerian that developed an artificially intelligent system to aid the visually impaired in the society, who could not relate to newly environment independently, finds it difficult to easily navigate, indicate potential danger, and the right path to perform the task.

He dedicated and installed the device at the school for the blind Ogbomoso, where the management complained about their student sustaining occurrent face injury as a result of window outlet accident in the school premises.

You can interact with him via his social media handles:
LinkedIn – Seyi Ojelabi
Twitter – SeyiOjelabi
Instagram – itz_shyne
Facebook – itz shyne



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