I’m building railways because people are dying on bad roads: Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari says he is prioritising the building of railways because of the bad conditions of roads in the country.

Mr Buhari disclosed this during an interview with Nigerian Television Authority on Friday.

He noted that dozens of Nigerians had died in multiple auto crashes, which he also identified as another reason for prioritising the building of more railways. 

“People are dying on roads that is why I decided to build railways,” Mr Buhari said, extolling his administration’s accomplishment in the rail sector.

The president, however, expressed gratitude to the Chinese government for helping the country.

“We are grateful to China that agreed to help us and they are helping us and we are doing our job.

“We are planning that major states will be connected by railways and China is helping us on that” he added.

Further speaking, Buhari said the railway has eased the sufferings of travelers from Lagos to Ibadan.

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