Former Envoy Decries Kidnapping, Banditry, Violence Across Nigeria

Professor Mary Lar, Nigeria’s former envoy to Netherland and widow of Late Chief Solomon Lar, the pioneer National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has expressed sadness over the kidnapping of students by bandits and the current insecurity sharply dividing the country along ethnic and religious lines.

Professor Lar, who turned 86 years old on Sunday, expressed dismay over the current state of insecurity where bandits are invading schools to kidnap students to demand ransom.

Lar, in an interactive session with newsmen to mark her 86th birthday which took place at the headquarters of the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN), Jos, Plateau State capital, lamented that insecurity orchestrated by bandits, Boko Haram elements and other criminals have disrupted the smooth flow of education in the country.

Professor Lar, who was the First Lady of Plateau State during the Second Republic, said she introduced nomadic education for the Fulani herders children as her pet project to promote tolerance and peaceful co-existence among the diverse people of Plateau and Nigeria as a whole.

She noted that most Fulanis who attended the programme are now working in respected and exalted offices in the country today, where they are impacting positively in the lives of others in the society.

“I enjoy helping others to be educated, I introduced Nomadi education, I work to bring women together and people from different parts of Nigeria grew up in my husband Chief Lar’s house irrespective of tribe and religion to promote unity and peaceful co-existence.

“The memories of this keep me happy but this days, the case is different. I am sure you know that the Nigeria of the past is different from the Nigeria of today, when people are keeping aside what is right and doing what is wrong, certainly things will not be going well.

“All human beings are created by God and then we need to respect God by protecting all human beings. I believe that there is no human being made in the image of God that doesn’t know what is right or wrong.

Nigerians know what is wrong, even young children know what is wrong. We should ask ourselves if we are doing what is right. We should not spend time blaming this one and that person and no body is doing the right thing, we must respect human beings.

“Looking at what Late Solomon stood for throughout his life, unity, emancipation of people and peaceful co-existence, certainly he wouldn’t have been happy with what is happening in Nigeria today.”

Prof. Lar appreciated God for keeping her alive to attain the age of 86, saying
her husband was her companion and since the Lord called him to glory, the Bible has been her greatest companion.

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