Lalong to local govt chairmen: resign if you can’t pay minimum wage

Plateau State Governor Simon Bako Lalong has directed any local government chairman who cannot pay N30,000 minimum wage to its worker to resign.

The governor spoke at a meeting at the Government House in Jos

Lalong said: “Following the prolonged clamour for financial autonomy of the Local Government system nationwide, the matter was finally resolved. As a result, I approved that Local Government autonomy in Plateau State should be implemented immediately.

“Therefore, all funds belonging to that tier of government go straight to them. It is therefore the duty of the local governments to negotiate the new minimum wage with their employees based on their capacity to pay. This is the same thing that happened at the federal and state levels.”

The governor faulted workers for embarking on protests and causing hardship to other citizens. “They have also called me unprintable names forgetting that I have a soft spot for workers,” he said.

Lalong said the government would enforce COVID-19 protocols to battle the second wave.

“For those who are in denial and continue to misinform others that COVID-19 does not exist, I want to warn them to desist. I as the number one citizen of the State was a victim and God helped me to come out of it. I can tell you that it is not a joke and I do not wish even my enemies such experience.

“That is why at the last State EXCO meeting, we decided to criminalise further denial of the disease in the state. In other words, if you deny the existence of the disease, keep your denial to yourself because if you are caught propagating it or instigating others to follow you, you will be arrested and prosecuted no matter how highly placed you might be.”

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