PDP crisis in South West deepens

From Oluseye Ojo, Ibadan
The crisis rocking the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the South West has deepened as Ekiti and Oyo States chapters of the party have launched verbal war against each other.
The centre of attraction in the war of words are the governor of Oyo State, Seyi Making, and former governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose.
The PDP in Oyo State on Sunday slammed Fayose-ed faction of the party in Ekiti State over a statement credited to it against Makinde.
A statement by the Fayose-led faction of PDP in Ekiti was quoted as saying “It is rather unfortunate that someone like Governor Makinde, who was never a stable member of PDP could use EFCC trial to mock Fayose.”
Another statement credited to the Fayose-led faction of Ekiti PDP was quoted as saying “As at 2015 that PDP lost power, Makinde was in Social Democratic Party (SDP).”
But the PDP in Oyo State, in a statement by its publicity secretary, Akeem Olatunji on Sunday lambasted the Fayose-led faction of the party, describing the statement by Raphael Adeyanju on behalf of the faction, as unreflective of Ekiti PDP.
Olatunji said: “It is very regrettable that we are compelled as the ruling party in Oyo State to react to a reckless and unguarded statement credited to Ayo Fayose-led faction of our great party in Ekiti State.
“For the sake of record, we like to state clearly that it is very unfortunate that the only time Ekiti State PDP was allowed by Fayose to enjoy relative peace was when the ex governor was in office, first, between 29th of May 2003 to 16th October 2006.
“In 2011, Fayose who abandoned PDP in pursuit of his failed senatorial ambition in Labour Party (LP) openly told the whole world about his secret accord he entered into with the defunct ACN and the then governor Kayode Fayemi against the PDP when Fayose publicly told Fayemi to honour their secret agreement.
“We are not unmindful of Fayose’s political antecedent, which is legendary for treachery and betrayal because once Fayose is not the sitting governor of that state, he deploys his entire political arsenal to bring down the PDP.
“Fayose, who broke his long silence over his political love relationship between him and some members of the defunct ACN then reminded Fayemi who was then ACN governor that there was an agreement between them prior to the 2009 governorship re-run that if he should support Fayemi against PDP for the governorship re-run that the ACN would concede Ekiti Central Senatorial District to him during the April general elections.
“You must agree with us that it was after he failed on that mission that Fayose led his faction from the then Labor Party back into the PDP after realizing it is the only party with the sole aim of contesting the 2014 governorship election, which was made successful with the helps of God, Late Buruji Kashamu, who single handedly got him the governorship ticket and bankrolled his campaign and the entire national body of PDP, including Oyo State.
“It is, however, so unfortunate to see that Fayose who the PDP has given everything politically has gone back to his vomit in the opposition with his allegiance tied to his Lagos godfather to bring down PDP under the guise of being one of our party leaders.
“We understand that since Fayose had completed his second term of office as governor, and realizing that he could not contest the seat again, and worst still he stands no chance to represent our great party on a presidential slot has gone into another secret agreement with his old political allies, especially in Lagos towards an empty 2023 presidential aspirations.
“For the sake of record, we urge Fayose and his faction to visit Oyo State on a tour of town to feel impacts of unprecedented good governance Makinde has brought to the Pacesetter’s state.
“To set the record straight, Fayose’s faction of PDP cannot and will not speak for Ekiti State PDP. Therefore, it is reckless and unguarded statements against a man Oyo State now refers to as the “God Sent Man” (GSM) should be disregarded in its entirety.
“In the entire Governor Makinde’s political career, there was never a single record of treachery where he attempted to align with anyone, political party, or group of persons to bring down the PDP.
“We understand that the primary grouse Fayose and his political slaves have against Makinde is the fact that God has blessed Oyo State with a governor who has the interest of the general populace and the survival of PDP in mind, and Fayose’s sense of undue entitlements against the collective good and interest of PDP has blinded them against the voice of reason and party tradition, that governor Seyi Makinde being the only serving PDP governor in the south west is the leader of the party and his leadership must be duly respected or Fayose should publicly declare his accord with his Lagos godfather or bury their heads in shame as cowards.
“Oyo state PDP gave Fayose government every political support it needed against the onslaught of the opposition while in office, we expect a reciprocation not a deliberate and calculated move to cause disaffection among our leaders and members to achieve the same mission he embarked on when he joined Labour Party and entered an accord with the defunct ACN to bring down PDP.”

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