Boko Haram: When Will Buhari, Zullum And Nigerians End This War?

Buhari, Zullum, the Military, NGOs, Hoteliers, IDPs and the people of Borno State know why this war has lingered unabated and I will tell you why?

Till date, no family has identified anyone as a member of the dreaded group, even those killed are assumed not to have family trace in Borno yet the sect speaks Kanuri. In fact, the people are more comfortable with the Boko Haram than the military as intelligence is rarely shared with the authorities, this I gathered even though unauthenticated!

Only Zullum seems to be in the middle of this quagmire, no Borno leader, elder or political leader is seen speaking out. They left him to roam around from one IDP camp to the other!! When he tried to challenge the absurdities of the military, he almost lost his life following the ambush that greeted his routes.

How the military has remained helpless in the North East baffles me. Are there things they know that we don’t know? Why are they so easily defenceless in the hands of the sect even with their training for territorial defence? Are we having conflict merchants and profiteers? While we have richer Generals, we have very unmotivated soldiers. Trained to defend our territorial integrity but now imbued with civil forte, if not, what business has the military establishing radio stations all over the country? Leave propaganda for those trained in that brief. Face your task of securing the land. A stagnated army where people don’t rise in promotions is a dangerous army where de-motivation will reign supreme. Mr President should definitely act fast otherwise, the gains recorded will be eroded given the vicious return of the insurgents. And Mr President, what exactly is the logic keeping drivers that have run out of steam? For 6 years, you allowed your service chiefs to prove their worth, in between this task, they have done their beats even though desired results haven’t been achieved. Please can you relieve them of this task and allow others to come on board with new strategies and vigour? There is general agreement that these men should go, pls allow them to go.

What are both international and local NGOs doing in the North East even when the war has snowballed into guerrilla one? Do they exist in cohort with the sect or in collaboration with the government? What exactly are their roles in this war of attrition? Why are we having more hotels in Maiduguri in time of war? You can’t go to that city and get a hotel room as they have been fully booked upfront in years. Does intelligent report suggest that the war will continue even after 15 years? !!!!!

Reports have it that even the internally displaced persons are not eager to return home, is this greed, poverty or what? Are the free medical and food from donors the reason for life in camps instead of life at home?

Tragically, most Nigerians are not genuinely touched by the security challenges we are faced with. Their concerns stem more from a concealed gloating of ‘God don catch dem’ or of the callous conclusion of ‘Didn’t we warned you’?. Yes, a lot of them are on this validation train forgetting that challenges like this are inevitable in human contraption. To them, President Muhammadu Buhari had no business coming to power, such feeble stance.

A lot needs to be done to address our security challenges as the approach deployed thus far doesn’t seem to be working. Before now, the bad guys were using soft targets when they bombed churches, mosques, markets, hypnotising people as suicide bombers.  Military approach at that time led to the dismantling of these guys’ antics that they were pushed to the trenches. We have suddenly forgotten how excruciating it was to ply our roads because of military checkpoints, people fear to go to worship centres and markets. All these stopped because our military responded appropriately.

Today, the bad guys have devised new approaches, they now go to people’s home and pick them for ransom, waylaid them on the roads and kill them on the farm. A more deadly guerrilla tactics we have here. Typically, we are more concerned about the politics of APC and PDP than looking at the issues at hand. During challenges, citizens come together to find solutions, in our clime, citizens are more divided in their stance of ‘Didn’t we warn you’ and ‘It would have been worst’!

At the level of government, the lethargy is almost the same. There is no decisive conclusion, there is no frank conclusion, they only puff for the cameras and that is all. If the lawmakers cannot compel the president to rejig his security formationsg what then is their lot in the affairs of the country? If boardroom approach fails, what happens to confrontation? What stops them down tooling the National Assembly and leaving governance for just the president? Desperate action demands very vicious approach. The president has done whatever it is that is possible to curb our security quagmire but has refused to change his service chiefs which without a soothsayer telling you that they have run out of their stamina. Mr President, the people are disillusioned with your governance because you don’t wield the big stick on those you give the mandate of governance.

Time to try new hands and see what lies ahead, your service chiefs are no longer inspiring sir.

Critically musing.

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