Killings: Hold Buhari, APC responsible —PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party has asked Nigerians to hold the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), and the All Progressives Congress, responsible for the festering acts of terror in the country.

This was contained in a statement titled, “Terrorism: Hold APC Responsible For Killings- PDP ”

The statement read in part, “The PDP has asked Nigerians to hold officials of the Buhari Presidency and the anti-people APC responsible for the festering violence and incessant killing of innocent Nigerians by terrorists.”

It said, “The confession by the Buhari administration that our nation, under its watch, is at the mercy of terrorists, is self-indicting; being the outcome of the overt and covert support given to terrorists by some unpatriotic APC leaders for their selfish interests.”

The statement also recalled how the APC, as the opposition, went on propaganda war to frustrate the government’s effort towards procurement of weapons to fight terrorists.

“APC leaders encouraged hoodlums to fight against the system,” the statement added.

“The public can recall how the APC Federal Government and APC governors have been making excuses for terrorists, negotiating with, and even paying and pampering the killers of our compatriots.

“Nigerians also know how the APC administration had declared these marauders and bandits as deserters from Gaddafi’s army and yet ask Nigerians not to fight back but accommodate them as neighbors.

“Such subtle support for terrorism was witnessed in the bizarre attempt by the APC-led administration to blame the 43 innocent Nigerians beheaded by terrorists in Borno state on Saturday.”

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