Instagram New Feature; Search For Post Now Using Keywords

Instagram is changing the way you search for posts on its platform. The photo and video sharing service is starting to surface relevant content when you look for posts using keywords.

Prior to this update, you could only search for hashtags or account names. It was a longtime limitation that restricted the way you discover content on Instagram since it won’t surface photos or videos that did not contain the hashtags you were trying to find, for instance.

Now, however, Instagram will let people search the keywords themselves, meaning posts that feature healthy recipes should surface, even if the specific tag is missing, reports The InfoStride

It is pertinent to note that this is a significant change for surfacing content. The Facebook-owned platform has been only limited in giving people the ability to find the posts they really want. This would give a broader option to the now-limited search option on Instagram.

“The team considers ‘a number of factors,’ including the ‘type of content, captions, when it was posted,’ and more to surface relevant results. It also uses machine learning to ‘find the highest quality content that’s relevant to you.’ For now, only grid posts would show up,” a company spokesperson was quoted as saying in a report by The Verge.

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