US election: How Trump’s behaviour will influence Africa – Shehu Sani

Shehu Sani, a former Nigerian lawmaker, has lamented the unfolding events in the United States.

The US presidential election was a tight battle between President Donald Trump of the Republican Party and Joe Biden, candidate of the Democratic Party.

Joe Biden, however, emerged as winner after polling over 270 electoral college votes although the winner has not been officially announced.

Also, the General Services Administration (GSA), has since failed to recognise him as President-elect.

Although Biden has since assumed his role as the President-elect, preparing to takeover White House, the incumbent, President Trump has refused to concede defeat.

Trump has filed a flurry of court cases challenging Biden’s victory in the election which he (Trump) alleged was marred by massive corruption and fraud.

The incumbent has recently expressed hope of being declared winner of the election, saying results that would be announced next week would put him ahead of Biden.

And Sani, in a tweet on Sunday, pointed out that Trump’s body language is already sending the wrong signal to tyrants in Africa and other parts of the world.

America has always been an exemplar for democracy and freedom,” he tweeted.

“The behavior of its leader not just threaten the moral standard of that country but gives tyrants in Africa and other parts of the World a justification to suffocate democracy. The events in America is of concern to us,” he added.

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