Becoming Nigeria’s President my next ambition –Fayose

Ayodele Fayose, the former Governor of Ekiti State, has said that his major ambition in life was to become Nigeria’s President one day, or to become a Pastor.

Fayose who clocked 60 years on Saturday, November 14, said he was waiting for God’s time to actualize his dreams and when he finally gets the mandate, he will come out and let Nigerians know.

While featuring in a live radio programme on People’s FM, an Ado-Ekiti-based station, Fayose noted that God had been so kind to him in his journeys through life and the best way to appreciate the Almighty was to work for him and by serving humanity.

Fayose also said that “a good number of his most dependable and trusted followers, whom he lifted up from nothing, had either deserted him or teemed up with his political foes” to fight him after realizing he was no longer in power, but that he has forgiven them.

“I have forgiven all the people who have offended me and I ask for forgiveness from those I may have offended too,” Fayose said.

He, however, debunked rumours that he was nursing the ambition of becoming a Senator, saying he hates being a “Senator who would be making laws that the executive would not have the courage to implement.”

“I am eminently qualified to become Nigeria’s president if people like Olusegun Obasasnjo, Goodluck Jonathan and Muhammadu Buhari could be so graced to be presidents,” he insisted.

According to the former Governor, his popularity, courageous spirit, unique contributions to the upliftment of Ekiti State and other remarkable contributions to lifting different categories of people with no hope of becoming anything in life across the country, were enough credentials to make him become Nigeria’s president.”

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