EXCLUSIVE: Nigerian military gears up to crack down on looters, hoodlums

The Nigerian armed forces are launching a major nationwide crackdown on looters and hoodlums as chaos continues across the country.

The operation, which was ordered by the nation’s defence headquarters, is poised to see a major deployment of military formations to put an end to breaches of public order by the criminals looting public and private assets across the country, military sources familiar with the matter said.

For the operation, the military command has therefore ordered the cancellation of all leave and passes for its personnel. Sources also said no new leaves would be granted while the operation lasts. Also, all personnel on leave have been ordered to resume “with immediate effect.”

Personnel of the tripartite military branches –the navy, air force and army – are now expected to return to their formations, sources said.

Sources said the military headquarters has ordered authorities in the headquarters of the Nigerian Army, Navy, and Airforce to ensure compliance with the orders.

Also charged with the directive are the National Defence College (NDC), which is the highest military institution for the training of senior military officers in Nigeria; the Armed Forces Command and Staff College (AFCSC), Jaji, Kaduna, a joint service training institution for all armed forces.

Also included in the order are authorities of the Nigerian Armed Forces Resettlement Centre, (NAFRC), Lagos; the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA); the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA); the Military Pensions Board (MPB); and the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON).

The Nigerian Army complied with the directive a week after the order was rolled out.

A week after the order was given, the Nigerian Army also ordered the temporary closure of all the schools within the jurisdiction of its 82 division, a formation headquartered in Enugu.

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