Armed robbers storm high court, injure 2 policemen

Red wood table and red chair in the justice court

Eight armed robbers stormed the Bulawayo High Court in Zimbabwe on Sunday and injured two police officers as they tried to break open the registry safe using a grinder, state media reported on Monday.

The robbers gained entry into the court’s criminal registry, after attacking and disarming police officers manning the premises.

Police spokesperson Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident and said investigations were underway.

The incident occurred at about and the suspects were reportedly armed with pistols.

Bulawayo is Zimbabwe’s second-largest city.

“We are investigating an armed robbery case which occurred at the Bulawayo High Court, Sunday morning at 4 a.m.

“It is said about eight suspects went to the court and attacked two officers who were on duty and these suspects were armed with pistols.

“After attacking them, they blindfolded one of the officers. They then tried to force open the court’s main safe to the criminal registry’s office using a key.

“After failing, they tried again to use a grinder and, in the process, it is alleged that they were making phone calls,” Mr Nyathi said.

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