COVID-19: Oyo Coronavirus Cases Hit Seven, Traces 101 Contacts

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Oyo State was seven as of Monday.

It was learned that the blood samples of some persons being located through contact tracing had already been sent to the diagnostic center.

The state Incident Manager, Dr. Olabode Ladipo, who spoke in a telephone interview with Punch correspondent on Monday, said, “We are still with 76 (cases). One of those cases seems to have recovered. We are going to have confirmation of his results very soon.

“If the result comes out negative, we would have had a case that has recovered in Oyo State. However, we are expecting the second results which might be at any time from now.

“We are still with seven (confirmed) cases and we are still following up with the contacts. At this point in time, we have a total of 101 cases that we are tracing. We have been able to make contact with about 50 of them. We are trying hard to locate the others.”

Asked how they follow up on the already traced contacts, he said, “We call them every day. We actually try and see them every other day or every three days.”

Ladipo said 28 samples had been sent for tests.

He added, “The (availability) of kits is the major issue now. But you have to understand that it is a thing that is all over the world now, not in the country alone. We are trying to see how we can work with the virology laboratory and makeup by improvising so that we would be able to meet the demand for testing.”

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