VIDEO: Wife Beats Up Nursing Mother Who Is Her Husband’s Mistress After Catching Them

Lots of dramas are happening in Nigeria, despite the condition of the country, we still have people fighting over their cheating spouses and so on.

A girl identified as Mrs. Ednah who is said to be married to one Mr. Goodluck from Azuzuama in Southern Ijaw LGA, Bayelsa State has been caught pant down with a married man in a Hotel.

Mrs. Ednah Goodluck According to our findings is a nursing mother that just give birth not up to 5 months ago

Mrs. Ednah is said to have gone to a hotel in Yenagoa to sleep with another woman’s husband as seen in the viral video. The man’s wife caught her husband on top of Mrs. Ednah Goodluck who happens to be her neighbor.

As expected, there was a commotion between both ladies. Mrs. Ednah is also said to be a very close friend with this very lady who she couldn’t control herself to sleep with the husband.

“This one touch me oh, this girl called EDNAH married to a boy called GOODLUCK from Azuzuama. she just give birth not up to 5 months. She go fuck with another woman husband for hotel and the man wife come catch her nai fight start, the worse part be say the guy na their neighbor and the wife na her friend. This one happen for yenagoa bayelsa state. If na u be the husband waiting u go do to ur wife wey go fock with ur new born baby. This is a lesson to all married woman.” According to an eye witness reports.


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