176 Killed As Boeing 737 Plane Crashes In Iran

All 176 people on board a Ukrainian passenger plane were killed when it crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran on Wednesday, Iranian state media reported.

State news agency IRNA said 167 passengers and nine crew members were onboard the aircraft operated by Ukraine International Airlines TIME reports.

“Obviously it is impossible that passengers” on flight PS-752 are alive, the head of Red Crescent told semi-official news agency ISNA, putting the number of people on board at 170.

The Boeing 737 had left Tehran’s international airport bound for Kiev, the agency said, adding that 10 ambulances were sent to the crash site.

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  1. The rate at which this iron birds of the Boeing 737 specie are crashing down from the sky should be a course for concern to the policy makers and stakeholders in the International Aviation stage.

    The crash of Boeing 737-800 in Tehran this week brought the number of crashes to 3 in about a year, with hundreds of lives and dreams cut shot. This led to the grounding of Boeing 737 Max since 2019.

    The airline company says the pilot was one of its most experienced and the aircraft its newest. I think Boeing technology must be and should be looked into. Triple crash in about a year is more than just an accident.

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