Married Woman’s Lover Get Stuck After Husband Places ‘Magun’ (Charm) On Her (Video)

Nigerian relationship expert, Joro Olumofin shared a video of a married woman and her lover, who got stuck while having sex.

The woman’s husband had placed a charm, popularly known as Magun which literally means “do not climb.”

The charm has been used for centuries to catch a wife who has an extra-marital affair or to put a promiscuous woman in check.

The man had been suspecting his wife was involved in extramarital affairs so he went ahead to put the charm on her.

According to the husband, he called one of his friends in Benin republic, who introduced him to a native doctor.

The charm was pretty effective as the lady and her lover got stuck and caught in the act.

In the video, the woman, who could be seen crying bitterly, had brought her side lover to her matrimonial home to have sexual intercourse with the mindset that her boyfriend was away.

However, her husband was around unbeknownst to them and he said they will all have to go to the police station to resolve the issue.

See the video and reactions below:




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