Cardi B Says She Misses Nigeria Already

Cardi B is back in the United States of America but still can’t get over her visit to Nigeria.

Its been barely 48 hours since Cardi B left Nigeria and she is already missing the country.


The rapper took to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, December 10, 2019, where she shared a post of herself during her performance in Nigeria with a caption;

“Missing Nigeria.” One thing is for sure, she had an amazing time in the country and Nigerians were more than happy to have her around.


Maybe, the rapper might visit Nigeria soon since her newfound love for the country. Cardi B was in Nigeria over the weekend for the Livespot Concert.

From the moment she arrived in the country, we all knew she was happy to be in Nigeria and she had a swell time.

The rapper took to her Instagram page on Friday, December 6, 2019, where she posted a series of videos from her hotel room in Nigeria. She went to talk about not wanting to have the hotel food, rather she would love to eat the real Nigerian Jollof rice.


“Alright this 7 o’clock in the morning I want to go to the f**king hood. I want to see the real Nigeria. I want to eat the hotel food I want like real Nigerian food, all that fish, all that Nigerian Jollof rice, all that, all that,” she said.



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