“You Quit Before, Now I Will End Your Career” – Andy Ruiz Tells Anthony Joshua To His Face

Andy Ruiz has talked tough to Anthony Joshua ahead of their mega heavyweight title showdown to be staged on the 7th of December in Saudi Arabia.

Sky Sports presenter, Johny Nelson asked Andy Ruiz if he thought AJ quit on June 1st when they 2 boxers met in Anthony Joshua’s America debut. Andy Ruiz responded saying I think he quit, his body language showed that he quit.


I will repeat the same again in Saudi Arabia and I will be ending his career, it is only fair to put it this way because he is also trying to stop me, so, I have to do all in my power to end him as well.

The highly anticipated boxing match will take place in Riyad Saudi Arabia, Andy Ruiz made the statements during a face-to-face “gloves are offs” staging at the sky sports video. You can watch part of the clip below:


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